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Aviation is everything regarding aircraft from the design to the operation. Air travel is a very popular means of travelling abroad on holiday. This kind of commercial flying became popular on a larger scale in the 1960s but had began prior to the Second World War. Luton airport is one of many airports in the UK to over long-haul flights. It also holds lots of successful business meet and greets. The luton airport meet and greet is a very prestigious affair and business conferences are becoming increasingly popular at airports. Some experts argue it is simply because air travel is still an adrenaline rush, it is still a risk and has a certain sense of achievement and adventure about it. Therefore, successful entrepeanours love to gather there to thrash out deals and come up with ideas.

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There have been many famous aviators in history who made modern commercial air travel possible. Aircraft flight first began in December 1903 when the Wright Brothers' plane, with its home made 12-horsepower engine made several successful test flights with Orville Wright behind the throttle.

Aviation has been a popular subject for many films, including two Leonardo DiCaprio starring films: The Aviator and Catch Me if You Can. In the former he plays Howard Hughes, who was a famous aviator, aerospace engineer, film-maker, philanthropist and socialite. He wrote, directed and produced in Hell's Angels in 1930, a film about fighter pilots using realistic spitfire dogfight footage. He set many air speed records, as well as building two aircraft, including the Spruce Goose and became heavily involved with Trans World Airlines, which would later become part of American Airlines.

In Catch Me if You Can, DiCaprio plays a 1960s conman, Frank Abegnale jr. who impersonated everything from a teacher to a lawyer, doctor and most famously a commercial airline pilot. In the 60s the latter was a very glamourous job and the luton meet and greet at the famous UK airport tries in many ways to bring this prestige back. Although, attempting to garner interest in air travel has never been difficult and it always draws the big adventurous business people in. 

Charles Lindbergh (in 1927) and Amelia Earhart (in 1932) were the first man and woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Then World War Two pilot Chuck Yeager flew faster than the speed of sound in 1947 in a rocket-powered X-1 fighter plane. In 1953 Yeager also broke the speed record again, reaching 1,650 miles per hour. Both times it was highly uncertain whether the pilot or plane would survive. In 1937, whilst navigating the entire globe, Earhart vanished somewhere in the Pacific.