Are old planes still allowed to fly ?

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photo Are old planes still allowed to fly ?

You may have heard of cases of plane crashes all over the world, which makes you anxious to fly. In addition, you may have read statistics revealing numbers of fatal accidents to passengers after their plane crashed. In fact, some passenger planes have more recurrent fatal accidents than the other.

Plane crashes may be due to unexpected weather conditions, unexpected failing system, or metal fatigue. However, plane crashes are rarely due to engine failure. The issue of flight safety is often raised especially after the case of a plane crash. Is it reliable to fly on an aged aircraft?

How long does a passenger plane last?

The average operating time for a passenger airplane is after 27 to 50 years of service. Over this period of time, a passenger plane has covered approximately 165,000 flight hours. A Boeing 737 can last 20 to 30 years, depending on the metal fatigue. In some planes, metal fatigue sets in earlier. In fact, some old planes continue to fly as long as their metals and engines are still in good condition.

The oldest in-service airplanes

  •  The PK-OCG 20335 of the Airfast Indonesia has served almost 47 years and is still in service. It serves domestic flights in Indonesia. In fact, it is the oldest passenger plane in the world. It has been in service since 1971. Many fatal cases of small jet crashes have been recorded in Indonesia since 2001. In order to assure passengers' safety during the flight, strict measures have been taken to ban elderly aircraft.
  •  The ZS-IJJ, 737, of the Interair South Africa is still in service since its creation in 1972. This 46-year-old aircraft serves as a commercial airline.
  •  And there are still other in-service elderly airplanes belonging to the American Delta Airlines and the British Airways, which have served approximately over 30 years. The Delta Airlines' McDonnell Douglas MD-80s, which is a 757, is 30 years old; and the British Airways' G-BNLK, which is a 747, is 28 years old.

What precautions have been taken?

  •  Regular check and maintenance are given to any airplane, whether it is a passenger plane or a recreational plane, before the flight.
  •  In case of a failing system, aircrafts have an emergency landing. This prevents them from crashing.
  •  Any aircraft that does not meet standard safety regulations is banned from the airspace. This is for example the case of the 55 Indonesian aircrafts which are banned from the EU airspace.

Fly in the most reliable planes

Are you afraid of traveling, or have you ever thought that your passenger flight is too old and not safe any longer? You should stop worrying about that your flight might crash because the report says that road accidents far more numerous than aircraft accidents. All you have to do is to focus on your exciting trip and fascinating moment you will spend overseas.

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