Are recreational airplanes different depending on the country ?

Recreational airplanes
photo Are recreational airplanes different depending on the country ?

A recreational travel or recreational trip is a trip for pleasure and recreational purposes. It is different from a business trip which aims at traveling for work reasons. When you go on a recreational trip, you may opt for any suitable accommodation type, whether you stay at a youth hostel, a studio, a tent, a friend or relative's home, or in a camper.

The Recreational Vehicle (RV) might be a camper, a car, a train, a boat, or a plane. The best means of transportation for a recreational trip is going by plane. Recreational airplanes make your road trip more enjoyable because sightseeing from the sky is breathtaking.

Are recreational aircrafts different depending on the country?

The Blackshape Prime is an Italian recreational plane. It has:

  •  Carbon fiber design,
  •  Sleek blue leather interior
  •  Retractable wheels
  •  Cruising speed of 300 kmph

The A32LS Vixxen is an Australian recreational aircraft. Its special features are:

  •  High-speed flight
  •  Comfortable cabins
  •  Noise reduction
  •  Great luggage capacity different colors: white, blue, red.

The Cessna 162 Skycatcher is an American recreational plane. Its feature includes:

  •  Light-sport aircraft (LSA)
  •  Side-by-side two-seat
  •  Tricycle gear
  •  High wings
  • Dtruts braces.
  •  Carbureted Continental O-200-D devices
  •  With auto pilot and audio panels functions available
  •  A communication radio,
  •  Cruise speed between 219 kmp

The Cessna TTx is an American recreational flight. It is:

  •  Luxurious with high performance
  •  High cruise speed of 235 knots or 270 mph
  •  4 seats
  •  ESP Autopilot system (Electronic Stability and Protection)

The Cirrus Vision SF50 special features are:

  •  7 seats: 5 for adults, 2 for children
  •  V-wings
  •  Top-mounted jet engine
  •  300 knots

The Sport Cruiser is a Czech sport aircraft, featuring:

  •  Three models
  •  A variety of features: club, tourer or professional

Icon A4 is an American recreational seaplane. Its specific features include:

  •  On-land and in-water landing
  •  Retractable wings
  •  The landing gear is removed
  •  Cruise speed of about 300 mph

Tecman is an Italian recreational aircraft with:

  •  Luxurious cabins and interior design
  •  4 seats with its P2010
  •  Small cabins
  •  Knot cruise of approximately 20 to 48

Fly away on a recreational airplane

Traveling by recreational aircraft is the best way to tailor your own trip to meet your needs and interests. Traveling by recreational plane might be a bit more expensive than traveling by a passenger flight. However, it offers many opportunities to discover the destination country. Besides, it allows travelers to stop at any country or city as long as your travel documents are valid.

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